Reliable Structures Services

Reliable’s main expertise is foundation and pavement structural repair. Foundation damages are normally caused by unstable soils, not by the failure of the concrete foundation itself. We have proven, cost-effective methods for resolving the problems caused by both collapsing (settling) soils and expanding (heaving) soils. One of the main challenges is to properly diagnose the problem. Historical information is usually limited and it almost always requires at least one site visit for inspection and an owner interview.
Once the problem is diagnosed and understood, a comprehensive repair plan and cost estimate can be prepared and approved and the repair process can get underway. Sometimes, the frontend engineering and permit work can take up to several weeks to accomplish, but the repair work itself is typically a quick process. Both exterior and interior disruption can be significant. However, once the structural repairs are completed, the cosmetic impact can be resolved quickly and effectively.
Reliable’s other areas of expertise include structural repair for damaged concrete, masonry and framing systems (both wood and steel) and we have techniques for the non-excavation repair of sub-grade waterproofing systems (basement leaks, stem wall leaks, etc). This type of work also usually requires an on-site inspection in order to determine the cause(s) and to review potential solutions with the owner.
To preclude the potential for future foundation problems for new buildings, we also provide services for reinforcing new-construction foundations in order to compensate for and accommodate sols that have been tested or are otherwise known to be unstable.
We look forward to the opportunity to help resolve concerns you may have concerning structural or waterproofing issues with your home or building. Please call 480 529 4800 or email [email protected].